Future of solar investing is here.

A decentralized and democratized platform for investing and managing solar energy plants and communities and to facilitate energy sovereignty.

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What is Enex Solar?

Enex Solar is retrofitting solar power into existing buildings. The problem Enex Solar aims to solve is how to cover the energy need when the sun is not shining. Enex Solar uses excess energy generated to run cryptocurrency mining rigs producing cryptocurrency to be sold on the open market to cover electricity need when the sun is not shining.


Purpose of Enex Token

Enex Token (ENX) is making solar energy investing available for everyone. By tokenizing the company, the ownership of solar power plants is decentralized and democratized. ENX is a security token. By utilising positive feedback loops and game theory, the Enex network is designed to reward its users in a way that incentivizes long-term holding and active participation in decision making.

Function of ENX

The main function of ENX is token equity in Enex Solar. Simply holding ENX will grant the holder dividends based on actualized profits from energy sales. ENX token will enable small to large size communities to take charge of their own solar energy projects and further their journey towards self-sufficiency, sustainability, and financial independence.


Enex Pipeline

With Pipeline you can see which projects are currently upcoming and manage your ENX Token holdings.

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Enex Pipeline

Core Team

The people currently developing Enex Solar.


Keith Thomas

Strategy & Partnerships

Keith Thomas has 15+ years of experience leading development and production of complex technology solutions for enterprise companies and startup founders. He has worked with numerous languages to build award-winning websites, mobile applications.


Niko Laamanen

Growth & Business Development

Background in commercial properties’ renovation, co-ordinating multi-million construction projects. Educated at the University of Nottingham, MSc. Sustainable Building Technology in 2010 with a focus on integrating renewable energy with existing buildings aka retrofitting.


Aleksi Meldo

Design & Product

Background in product and software development, UI/UX design and product marketing. MSc (Tech) in Industrial Engineering. Passionate about entrepreneurship and technology.


Rafael Eronen

Content Creation & Incentive models

Content creator in Konsensus Network and active member of Konsensus Ry. Member of the Board in Blockchain Forum and CEO of Binotic Oy. Specialized in cryptocurrencies, game theory and incentive models.