Enex Solar

A decentralized and democratized platform for investing and managing solar energy plants and communities and to facilitate energy sovereignty.

Niko Laamanen
Growth Catalyst
Background in commercial properties’ renovation, co-ordinating multi-million construction projects. Educated at the University of Nottingham, MSc Sustainable Building Technology in 2010 with a focus on integrating renewable energy with existing buildings aka retrofitting.
Nathanael Heft
Token Manager / Sales
Background in Cryptocurrencies, European Regulations and Banking. Currently working at Sparda-Bank and studying advanced banking at Frankfurt School of Finance and Business.

Sebastian Aarnio
Business Development Manager
Background in Sales - Outsourcing services & software: Accounting-, payroll-, forecasting-, and budgeting processes. Education: MSc in Marketing 2016

Thomas Motz
Token Manager / Sales
Background in Cryptocurrencies and banking.

Jonas Käppeler
Marketing Manager
Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of KEPLER, with background in business administration and finance. Currently studying Internet and Online-Marketing and building E-Commerce strategies.

Felix Keser
Marketing Manager
Entrepreneur with background in E-Commerce and Online Marketing, especially Social Media Marketing. Also skilled IT systems technician at Viavi Solutions. Currently studying Internet and Online Marketing and building different businesses as a side-hustle.
Tuomas Santakallio
Development Manager
Tuomas has a background in international development. He has been involved in aid projects since early 2000's, ranging from the rural Internet to education, agribusiness, refugee camps and solar energy. Since 2010, Tuomas has consulted startup companies in East Africa through the community centre iHub. Tuomas has been a Bitcoin user since 2012. His first involvement in cryptocurrency was inspired by the maker scene, but the interest quickly evolved with new technologies, most notably Ethereum, introduced to the market. Currently, Tuomas develops products around Hashgraph other and lattice-based algorithms. His cryptocurrency -related projects include Mundobitcoin, a remittance service and ATM network and spacechain.org civilian space program. Tuomas has also sold solar power projects for consumer sector in Finland. Tuomas studies energy technology at Savonia University of Applied Sciences.
Aleksi Meldo
Product development manager
Background in product and software development, UI/UX design and product marketing. MSc (Tech) in Industrial Engineering. Passionate about blockchain-powered startups, entrepreneurship and technology. Full-stack dApp developer.


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